Long Xuyen

The modern city of Long Xuyên more developed due to tourism and trade, although until recently he was a beggar Asian quarter. Especially this part of the territory of Vietnam has experienced a large number of wars, destruction and, seemingly, the medieval way of life prevailed around, but now everything has changed. Vanity and life itself Long Xuyên fill the streets.

This is often tourists come to admire this Asian way of life and enjoy the surrounding reality. As a rule, foreigners staying in large and at the same time is not an expensive hotel called "Sons", located on the waterfront next to the river, so almost all of its rooms all area visible, and half of the city.

On the river traffic is much denser than even on the streets. The fact that here the main vehicle is a regular boat, which is managed by one person. It is on these boats can go, and the main thing to see the whole city. Along the way you'll meet a floating fair and eateries where you can eat. If you're staying in a hotel or a hotel for a few days, in any case, you need to visit the National Museum of Long Xuyên, which raised a lot of things and objects of cultural and historical value. In general, the city is a mix of medieval and modern streets. This combination is perfectly visible from the hill of Kara, situated ten kilometers from the city. Generally, traveling in Vietnam, in any case worth a visit Long Xuyên, because without it you do not know the beauty of this country's edge.

Фотографии Long Xuyen