Thu Dau Mot

Thu Dau Mot one of the southern cities of Vietnam, which is located on the shores of the Saigon River. The city was founded in the Middle Ages, and in those days it was the development of economic and transportation center. Some time in the territory of Thủ Dầu Một lived khemery that officially confirmed by numerous documents.

The main attractions are the oldest market, which stood here in the Middle Ages. Now you can buy anything - food, food, clothing. Previously, mainly engaged in the sale of fish here.

To this day, we preserved quite a lot of old buildings. Among them houses belonging Chan Dynasty. They were built from solid tree trunks and decorated with beautiful carvings. In the middle of the city stands a sculpture depicting the Vietnamese, who was the first in Vietnam received Philosophical award. The height of the monument is 3 meters.

The most famous holiday destination of all visitors and campers is considered the amusement park "Dinah". On its territory an incredible number of various attractions. Also in the park is a large zoo, there are many fountains, waterfalls and slides.

Фотографии Thu Dau Mot