Vinh Yen

The Vietnamese city Vin Yen Europeans called Star Valley. The fact that the bird's-eye view can be seen as the center of the city is a large, circular area from which diverge in five directions of the road, skirting later the entire city. The square itself and the five roads are located in the form of a huge, proper stars. Perhaps the architects conceived of as beauty and color, although many locals say that such an arrangement was at the time of arrival of the colonial troops.

Now Vin Yen famous not only for its great star, but also the influx of tourists who travel as a two-day bus tours come here, where enjoying the architectural structures and the local way of life.

Right on the waterfront is a theater where the play performances famous Vietnamese movie actors. Nearby is a rainbow fountain, the beauty of which can be estimated at nightfall. Flowing water, which takes many forms, highlighted by colored lights direct light, from which it appears that you are in a fairy tale. Around the fountain, there are numerous attractions, which is always full of children, which is why, here quite often call in the European family. On the river float boats operated by one oarsman, they can go and for a fee to go around even though the entire city. History is full of these places enough to events that are largely connected with the Europeans, that's why there's a lot of Catholics, but of course the basic belief of Buddhism.

Фотографии Vinh Yen